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2016 $201,200

1 year money Ultimate package Money Back Guarantee

Win $25,000 minimum using all experts in 1 year using $100 per GTD pick and $200 per best bet GTD pick or we will refund the cost of your membership.

Sports betting System states

Using $100-$200 to win each pick

Average monthly profits $15,000

Over $100,000 profit a year using our experts

We guarantee to increase your bankroll

About Us


With our sports betting systems our sports handicappers have one goal to make you money.  Simple as that.  What makes is the best is how we developed sports betting systems designed to wager $100-$200 a pick and able to profit $115,000 last year and we are on pace to do $200,000 this year with an average of $15,000 a month profit.  What separates our company from the rest is the following:

Our handicappers never pick against each other, while sites will have different handicappers they will always picks against one another so one expert will always win, and our experts will never have opposite picks on the same game ever!!!

Our normal betting system calls for $100-$200 a pick, now you don't have to play it that way, as alot of customers use $25.00 a play, and some high rollers play over $1,000 a play, we use that as tracking system for our 1 year money back guarantee, by using 1-2% a pick of a normal $10,000 bankroll.  If you don't have a big bankroll don't worry we can start you smaller and work our way up for you.

Don't get us wrong, we can't win every day or every week or every month, however we never had a losing sports season, and we have profited $100,000 minimum the last 4 years

With our sports systems our sports handicappers have one goal to make you money.  Simple as that.  We developed sports systems designed to place 100-200 units a pick and able to profit 201,200 last year.  We are on pace each month to profit 15,000 units a month on average in the past 24 months.


What if you only want a few picks per day?

  • Sign up for our $150.00 weekly sections

  • Each experts top picks

  • 1-3 Ultimate top picks, Sweetness Ultimate picks, Byrd 3 unit picks!

Interesting facts

  • Last losing month: February 2012

  • Losing sports seasons: 0

  • Sweetness football picks: 1 season had over 69% winners with over 300 picks

  • Sweetness football picks: Best day 20-1

  • College football picks: Best runs 2008 (6 week stretch 83-24 record)

  • NFL playoffs: Profited in all 3 rounds of playoffs every year

  • Super Bowl: With all of our success we only won 2 of 6 Super Bowls Won Ravens 2013 (Updates won '16 and '17 Super Bowls)