April 2014


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Using our Sports picks and Handicapping System

Start making money today by using our handicapping experts sports picks.
Average play is $50-$100-$200 to win each pick.
We have a 14 year track of our clients winning from our sports system picks

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How our system works

We recommend playing each pick at $50 to $100 to win a unit.
We pick 1-2-3 unit picks
Example 1 unit pick on a -110 line (Risk $110 to win $100)
Use all 5 handicappers picks and play accordingly
Results below is using all 5 handicappers picks

If you don’t like fewer picks choose Individual handicappers


Breakdown of all 5 handicappers playing $50 to $100 to win each unit.

See individual handicappers page for their individual profits and losses each month by month breakdown.

How it works


04/01/2014W 4-2+60
04/02/2014W 2-2+380
04/03/2014W 3-3+240
04/04/2014L 3-3-320
04/05/2014L 1-5-900
04/06/2014W 6-4+320
04/07/2014L 2-7-1040
04/08/2014W 5-6+1800
04/09/2014W 6-10+0
04/10/2014W 3-1+900
04/11/2014W 5-2+200
04/12/2014W 6-5 MLB-1140
04/13/2014W 9-5+5500
04/14/2014W 1-0-360
04/15/2014L 5-7+600
04/16/2014W 4-0 NBA+5500
04/17/2014L 5-44+180
04/18/2014W 12-9+5500
04/19/2014W 7-8+330
04/20/2014W 11-9 NBA+180
04/21/2014W 10-7+630
04/22/2014W 8-6 NBA+900
04/23/2014W 8-7 NBA+0
04/24/2014L 4-5+2250
04/25/2014W 11-2 NBA+3660
04/26/2014L 7-7 NBA-2100
04/27/2014W 13-4 NBA+2250
04/28/2014W 8-6 NBA+120
04/29/2014L 6-9 NBA-2520
04/30/2014W 9-8 NBA+510