All You Should Know Before Becoming A Full-Time Sports Handicapper

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Handicapper on sports is not a new thing. Though sports handicapping was around for many years, it has become more acceptable in recent times. More sports enthusiasts are trying their luck in handicapping as it has become legal in many states. The legalization of sports handicapping has removed a lot of stigmas around sports handicapping recently. Given the advancements in technology, it is more convenient to place picks now from anywhere. If you are planning to become a full-time sports picker, here are a few basic things to know.

A Healthy Bankroll 

Well, you cannot start from scratch in sports handicapping. You need to set aside enough funds to create a bankroll. The best handicappers often advise that you should put money that you can afford to lose in sports handicapping so that you are on the safe side to meet your other expenses. If you have any financial obligations, try to keep funds aside for meeting them before you take your chance in sports handicapping. Also, make sure you are prepared to handle the hard times if things don’t go in your favor.

Knowledge And Expertise

Watching all the games and an unrelenting enthusiasm in the game is not enough when you put money into sports handicapping. You should put time and effort to research and understanding more about the various factors that determine the outcome of the game. You can do shadow handicapping for one or two months to understand how accurate your predictions are and identify where you are going wrong.


Regardless of whether you see sports handicapping as a major income source or not, it should be an entertaining and enjoyable experience for you. You should ask yourself whether you are capable of handling the life of a sports picker. And prepare yourself to face the ups and downs of sports handicapping. Even the best handicappers will have to go through the losses at some point in time.

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