Best Strategies To Become A Successful Baseball Handicapper

Baseball Sports Picking

Major League Baseball is around the corner and it’s time that baseball handicappers get excited about sports handicapping. Generally, baseball pickers take a quick look at the standing, compare the starting pitchers, and come up with a prediction. Some pickers place a pick on their favorite team without any research. Handicapper on your favorite team is a strict no in sports handicapping.

To come up with profitable sports predictions, you should do proper research and put in dedicated efforts. In this blog, let us take you through the best MLB handicapping strategies that would help any baseball handicapper.

Track Ground Ball Percentage And Strikeout Percentage

Though it will be difficult for a beginner baseball handicapper, it is ideal to consider the ground ball percentage and strikeout percentage before you place baseball picks. Both the information is valuable to make successful baseball predictions. When you analyze these data, you can make a true comparison between players and teams.

Know The Umpires

You should not place picks solely on an umpire. However, it helps to know who the umpire is and consider it as one of the factors while you make a sports handicapping prediction. Sometimes home teams are at a winning end when the umpires reach decisions influenced by the crowd.

Bullpen Availability 

Another factor to consider in baseball handicapping is bullpen on a game-by-game basis. You should consider the bullpen over the course of the season. You should check which relief pitchers are free and which ones are on rest. You can check the local beat writers for the teams to get information regarding the available bullpen arms. Furthermore, each MLB manager has certain tendencies. It would be helpful if you consider the manager’s tendencies while deciding on the game’s outcome.

Become A Successful Baseball Handicapper! 

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