How College Football is Different From Professional Football

Football handicapping has become one of the favorite hobbies for sports enthusiasts in the US in the last decade. Apart from National Football League, many sports enthusiasts place picks on college football day. There are a lot of fans of college games and many follow college gameday picks. Both college day football and professional football are exciting in its own way. In this blog, we have listed the major difference between professional football and college football.

Change in Rules 

Though a lot of rules are common for college football and professional football, there are few changes in the rules of the games. A major example is a college game cannot end in a tie while it is possible for a professional game to end in a tie. Another example is the defensive holding penalty of professional football is 5 yards in NFL while it is 10 yards for college games.

Number of Games

In a typical NFL season, there are 32 teams which are categorized into eight divisions. In college football, there are 130 teams which include colleges, universities, and academies. To make easier predictions and follow the season closely, you should know the number of games and teams. In a nutshell, it is more difficult to make predictions in college football given the higher number of games and teams.

Jersey Numbers

The jersey number has a significance in the NFL. An example is players with jersey numbers in the 20s, 30s, or 40s will run back on offense, or teen jersey numbers and 80s are wide receivers. This jersey number gives a better idea of the game. However, the jersey numbers are picked randomly in college games which means any player can wear any number.

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