3 Factors To Consider If You Are Handicapper On Bowl Games

Bowl games are quite popular in North America. It is one of the post-season college football games which is played by the NCAA’s Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision. There are around 40 bowls in a season. Handicapper on bowl games has become far more complicated even for expert football handicappers. When you pick on bowl games, there are a lot of factors to think about and various possibilities to consider. Here are four tips to consider if you are handicapping on bowl games.

Go with the basics 

With several options and time available for making predictions, many pickers get distracted in bowl games. Therefore, it makes sense when to handicap the bowl games like usual. Finding the edges first would be a good starting point. While some teams want to win others want to enjoy the experience of the bowl games. By garnering as much information about the teams, you can make smart predictions.

Know The Coaches 

It is quite often to find coaches being fired or leaving the position due to various reasons. Though it doesn’t hint that the team would lose the game, they might lack focus. Actually, it takes some time for a team to adjust to a new coach. When they get a new coach, they might lack direction which will impact the game’s outcome. Also, you should find out how the last week’s practice before the team starts to the game location.

Know The Motivation 

Around two-thirds of the FBS team play in the bowl game. One of the major factors that help teams win the bowl game is the motivation of the team to win. A team that did not win the last year may have the motivation to win and might come up with new strategies. Make sure you go through the stats of each team before making a prediction.

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