3 Key Factors That Influence MLB Handicapping

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There are a few certain factors that are applicable for any sports in handicapping, regardless of its type. Some other sports-specific factors also come into the picture to make winning predictions. Baseball handicapping is different from other sports handicapping. The stats help you decide whether the play has value or not. Listed below are a few other factors that influence MLB handicapping according to the best MLB handicappers.

Weather Condition

Not to mention, weather plays a big role in determining the outcome of any game. In baseball handicapping, the weather is one of the critical factors that direct the game. It limits the ability of hitters and pitchers to an extent. The best MLB handicappers go through a detailed weather breakdown before making game predictions.

Home Game

Similar to any other game, baseball teams will more likely play better when they are playing at home. This happens because the teams can play better when they play in a familiar environment. The pitchers tend to pitch better when teams play at home. When you come up with a baseball prediction, make sure you know how familiar the team is with the ground. Apart from it, check the stats of home runs for hitters and strikeouts for pitchers to make better predictions.

The Lineup of The Game

The probability of success depends on the team’s lineup as well. According to the team’s lineup, the team may become successful against left-handed pitchers than right-handed ones. It may happen the other way as well. The takeaway is this – make sure you consider the lineups and pay attention to pitchers who have more success against lineups made up of more left-handed or right-handed batters.

Baseball Parks

If you are into baseball handicapping, you will know that some ballparks can be called ‘hitter parks’ while others are known as ‘pitcher parks.’ Most of the baseball parks are either classified as hitter-friendly or pitcher-friendly parks. The climate, height of the outfield fences, the size of the park, etc. are some of the factors that determine whether it is a hitter park or a pitcher park.

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