What You Should Know About The Progressive Handicapper System?

If you are into sports handicapping, you know that there are different types of sports handicapping strategies that work. Each type of handicapping system has its merits and demerits. Given the advent of the internet, modern statistical software, and various modeling systems, today’s punters have access to different types of handicapping strategies.

Progressive sports handicapping is one of the popular sports handicapping strategies that are aimed at making profits in the long run. It is a common handicapping strategy used by punters for casino games. Let us understand how progressive handicapping strategy works.

What Is A Progressive Sports Handicapper Model? 

Progressive sports handicapping refers to a punter placing a wager and increasing or decreasing the size of the amount wagered progressively. The wins or losses in each wager determine how the punter places the next wager. There are two ways by which punters can use a progressive handicapping strategy. It can be used as a positive progressive handicapping strategy or a negative progressive handicapping strategy.

What is Positive Progressive Sports Handicapper Strategy? 

In positive progressive sports handicapping, the punter increases the original pick after each win and decreases the next pick after a loss. It is one of the sports handicapping strategies that work because the punter helps to gain as much as possible on winning streaks. Also, the punter loses a limited amount on a losing streak. In fact, the punter will end up not making any money or losing some money. Positive handicapping strategies such as the Paroli handicapping system, Labouchere handicapping system, Contra D’Alambert handicapping system, are some examples of progressive handicapping strategies.

What is Negative Progressive Sports Handicapper Strategy? 

In negative progressive sports handicapping strategy, the punter decreases the original stake after each win. And they will increase the stake after a winning streak. Therefore, the negative progressive sports handicapping strategy works opposite to the positive progressive sports handicapping strategy. This strategy helps punters to make up for losses and secure their winnings. However, a negative progressive sports handicapping strategy can be a bit risky.

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