Money Management Systems That Football Handicappers Follow

Football Handicappers
Football Handicappers

Bankroll management is one of the important skills that you need in sports handicapping. In fact, it is a critical skill for financial well-being in life. Anyone who is in charge of money should understand the best tips to manage the money. For football handicappers, it is quintessential to know the bankroll management tips and strategies to make the most out of handicapping.

Winning the pick is just the first step but managing the money efficiently is equally important if you want to be a successful picker in the long term. If you are unable to figure out a proper bankroll management system, you can hardly make profits in the long run. Here are two major bankroll management systems commonly adopted by punters.

Constant Pickss Money Management System 

In a constant pick money management system, the punter places a constant wager for every bet. It is placed as a percentage of the punter’s entire handicapping bankroll. For example, many punters choose to pick only 3 – 5 % of their entire bankroll for any wager. Ideally, it is better to avoid constant picks higher than 6%. You can set aside a specific amount as the bankroll for all their handicapping activities. This handicapping strategy is ideal for beginner punters, pickers with a limited bankroll, and those who want to adopt consistency in sports handicapping can try this type of bankroll management system.

Compounding Pickss Money Management System 

In a compounding picks money management system, the wager is compounded by the punter after winning or losing a bet. Though the risk is higher in the compounding picks money management system, many pickers follow this system. It assures high returns as well. The punter can set aside a certain amount and choose to place wagers from the same amount in this type of bankroll management system too.

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