The Oft-Repeated Myths About Sports Handicapper

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Finding the best pick on sports is both an art and science. To make sports handicapping profitable for you, you should be patient and do proper research. If played in discipline, sports handicapping can become a second income for you. However, there is a lot of myths around sports handicapping which arise out of misinformation. This blog is an attempt to debunk common myths related to sports handicapping.

Never Losing The Picks

If any handicapper tells you they have hit more than 70 percent of wins, it is better not to trust the person. Never losing the pick is a myth in sports handicapping. Every sports picker faces certain losses in their career. While you try your luck in sports handicapping, you should be prepared enough to face the losses too. Placing only winning wagers is hardly possible regardless of how experienced and knowledgeable you are about sports handicapping. Always remember that your best pick on sports may not always be the right one.

Handicapper Against The Bookie

If you have heard handicapping against the bookie is a strategy to place winning wagers, it is just a myth. Bookies consider public views as one of the factors while they come up with an opening line. They make the picks expensive if the public favors one team and adjust the lines accordingly as money comes in.

Revenge Strategies Win 

This is another sports myth that we often fall for. The fact is revenge angle is more or less situational and depends on the specific game. For example, in a baseball event in which a team plays three or four games, losing a game won’t affect much. On the other hand, football teams might be motivated to play in a revengeful manner when they play one or two.

Backing The Underdog Blindly 

The golden rule in sports handicapping is to back the side which shows value. Sometimes sports pickers claim that would never lay more than a certain price on a favorite. It is not always true and is one of the most repeated sports handicapping myths. It is better to stay away from such false claims.

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