3 Sports That Are Easier For Beginner Handicappers

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The handicapping industry is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years. Sports handicapping has become a quick way to earn an extra income, especially for sports enthusiasts. However, experienced sports handicappers will tell you it requires a lot of research and consistent efforts to place winning picks and earn money. If you are a beginner in sports handicapping and searching for sports that you want to pick on, this blog is for you. We have picked out the easiest sports that are comparatively easy to win.


There is no doubt that football is one of the world’s most popular sport. It has the most prominent handicapping audience in the world. Also, the handicapping market for football is huge. It opens up an opportunity to earn huge money if you are placing picks wisely. It is definitely an easier sport to be handicapping on. However, you should not sign up for football handicapping sites with the hope that you can make quick money. You should place picks after proper research and analysis. Also, you can follow tips and picks from expert sports handicappers for making better predictions.

Horse Racing

An average sports enthusiasts consider horse racing as a difficult sport to pick on. It is a general notion that each horse that participates in the horse race has an equal chance of winning so it’s not worth handicapping on it. It is far from the truth. You can quickly learn about horse racing and understand how it works. In fact, horse racing is one of the most comfortable sport to pick on. Though it is not popular as football handicapping, it is an easier sport to try on if you want to earn an income through sports handicapping.


Tennis is another easier sport that you can try handicapping on. Though it is a seasonal sport that is not available year-round, the game is an individual sport and pretty straightforward. The chance of winning tennis picks on how much you prepare to spend. You can avoid pitfalls in tennis handicapping through constant research and paying close attention to the game.

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