4 Strategies To Become Successful Basketball Handicappers

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When it comes to sports handicapping, there are two different routes to choose from. Either you can rely on some already successful basketball handicappers or handicapping on your college basketball games. The first group is not those people who have time or desire to do the required research. But people who want to become great basketball handicappers will do their own handicapping. Doing your own research and placing picks on your own with confidence will help you become successful in sports handicapping. This blog includes a few tips from experienced basketball handicappers.

Know The Stats

If you are serious about sports handicapping, you cannot skip this step. Before you step into basketball handicapping, look up the stats such as ATS records, home records, previous points, and more. Apart from looking at the points of a team, you can understand the field goal defense, turnovers forced bad shots and more. Make sure you take an in-depth look at the key stats.

Avoid Big-Time Matchups

Sometimes mid-major games and small conference games offer more value than big matchups. Well, you will indeed find more information and coverage available about high-profiled matches. However, this information is available for research for the handicapping public, and it might be difficult to find the soft lines. The takeaway is as a beginner handicapper, you can focus on more mid-major games.

Focus on The Reason 

When a season starts, most of the college basketball pickers will get excited and do a lot of research. However, as the season progresses, the amount of time dedicated to research becomes less. If you are serious about sports handicapping, you should research teams and conferences consistently.

Learn To Pass On The Game

Once you feel you are not satisfied with how you have performed at a certain game, it is better to walk away. There’s no harm in leaving the game in between. Some games can be difficult to handicap. When you’re not sure about handicapping on a matchup, the best choice is to leave it behind.
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