The Top Five Prospects For NBA Mock Draft 2023!

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The NBA season is back with thunderous applause. The National Basketball Association, which is fondly called NBA, is the professional basketball league in North America with 30 teams. They play against each other to become the NBA winner, which is one of the most prestigious titles in the world. A regular NBA season consists of 82 games for each team. The 77th NBA regular season kicked off on 18th October 2022. Here’s all you need to know about NBA 2023 and the NBA Mock Draft 2023.

What’s The Schedule For NBA 2023? 

Before getting into the mock drafts, here are the major dates to mark in the ongoing NBA season. The regular games started last week and the season will end on 9th April 2023. The playoffs will take place from 15th April 2023 which will end with the finals starting from 1st June 2023.  

Who Will Be The Showstoppers of The Draft Night? 

The star power of the NBA is beyond words. And the NBA draft is much-awaited this season with a number of title contenders. Each NBA draft introduces fresh talent to the NBA. Of course, this upcoming season is expected to feature some of the incredible players of the game ever. Here are the names we can’t miss in the NBA mock draft 2023.  

Victor Wembanyama 

This French professional basketball player is indeed one of the stars of this season. Wembanyama currently plays for Metropolitans 92. He is barely nineteen but his physique and skillset are quite impressive, according to the game experts. Though he is relatively inexperienced, he seems to have an intuitive understanding of the game. With his seven-foot-two height and the mobility to play from different positions, he is expected to become one of the great players of the game in the future too. 

Scoot Henderson 

The next showstopper for the NBA draft 2023 is definitely Scoot Henderson. No basketball fans can easily forget his performance for the G League Ignite team last year. He is sometimes referred to by his coaches as a generational player of the game. He has a strongly-built frame of six-foot-two height and broad shoulders for perfecting in the game. 

Amen Thompson 

The twin brothers, Amen and Ausar, are among the top prospects in this current NBA season. Be it ballhandling skills or passing ability, Amen has proven his capability to effortlessly play well with the head at the rim. Indeed, he is one of the best players that Overtime Elite has ever introduced. He will turn twenty by the time of draft night. 

Nick Smith 

Nick Smith from Arkansas Razorbacks is another top-level prospect in the NBA mock draft 2023. He has a sudden explosivity which makes him a dynamic combo guard in the game. With his 6-9 wingspan, he can easily play bigger than his size. He is sure to be a high lottery pick in the upcoming draft night.  

Dariq Whitehead 

Dariq Whitehead plays for Duke Blue Devils. With his quick twitch athleticism, this high-schooler has tremendous potential for becoming a versatile defender. He hails from the Montverde Academy where he played along with Cade Cunningham, Scottie Barnes, and Moses Moody. 

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