3 Reasons Why Serious Handicappers Do Not Focus On NBA Preseason

The NBA preseason is valuable and exciting for many reasons. Though there are some good reasons to pick on preseason games, it comes with a set of disadvantages as well. Some pickers consider preseason to get ready for the regular season. It helps them understand the new line-ups and strategies put forward by the teams. They can test out the new strategies if they buy baseball picks. Further, they can put their money management approach to the test. However, many serious pickers stay away from handicapping on preseason games. Listed below are some of the disadvantages of handicapping on the preseason.

Games Are Less Predictable

Compared to regular-season games, preseason games are less predictable. You might not have a good sense of who would be the players and the intensity of the games. You may not have enough information about the coaches whether they will take the game seriously as it is preseason. While some teams consider preseason games seriously, others would not give much importance. Therefore, you can’t accurately determine how the teams will play out.

Lack of Available Information 

Information is power when you are into sports handicapping. There is a lot of media attention for the NBA season. Local papers, as well as online news platforms, compete for every aspect of the various teams and players for the regular season. So, it becomes easy for sports pickers to keep up with what is going on with the teams and players. Moreover, you can find various statistics and past track records of the teams. For preseason games, there won’t be much media coverage. You may not find enough statistics or information about preseason games.

May Drain The Bankroll

Another hidden danger in focusing on the preseason game is that it might strain your bankroll. You need to start the regular season with a healthy bankroll. There is a good chance that you might lose more money than you expect in the preseason which will lead to the shrinking of your bankroll.

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