The Beginner’s Guide To Choosing College Gameday Picks

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College football comes with its own features hence it is considered riskier than handicapping on regular sports events. There are several strategies that pickers use while handicapping on college day games. Moneyline picks, point spread picks, parlay picks, futures picks, etc. are some of the common strategies of college game pickers. Gaining an edge on college games is not easy and needs careful strategies. If you are getting ready to try your luck in college games, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Look For Home-Field Advantage

One of the major factors to consider is how strong the particular team is at their home ground. You can analyze how well they have played in their home ground in the past.

The Rivalry Picksween College Teams 

As mentioned above, college football games have their own quirks and turns. Only a few games in the season count more than others. They would be a few rivalry games as well during the college football season. These rivalry games often lead to closer finishes hence pickers should be concerned about it while placing picks.

Focus On Coaches Who Beat The Spreads

In college football season, the role of coaches is often overlooked. Handicapper on these coaches can help you win picks in college games. There are many coaches out there who beat the spread consistently.

Don’t Ignore Less-Famous Teams

Bookmakers have a tough time setting accurate lines on college football games. Even the best college football handicapping sites are slower to react to changes. The handicapping public is better-informed about the prominent teams. However, it doesn’t mean you should ignore lesser-known teams.

Weather Report

Another important factor that determines the outcome of games is the weather condition. Not to mention poor weather makes it difficult for the players leading to fewer points. Make sure you check the weather conditions of the event location when you place picks.

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