Different Types of Baseball Handicapper You Can Try For MLB

The Major League Baseball season is a super-exciting time for people who are into baseball handicapping. However, handicapping on MLB games is not as easy as you do in a regular season. The baseball players, as well as the team, will try to be in their best forms to advance to the next level. If you are experienced in baseball handicapping during the regular season, you are in a better position to make predictions about the game and players. Listed below are the different types of wagers you can place for MLB playoffs.

Moneyline Pickss

Moneyline wagers are one of the common types in baseball handicapping. It is all about picking a team that you believe would win and placing money on it. When it comes to playoff games, the teams will show more parity and competitiveness. You should be prepared while placing a lot of tightly contested match-ups. Anyways, money line handicapping is superior to handicapping the run line.

Run Line Pickss 

Handicapper on the spread is another type of pick that seasoned sports pickers are familiar with. In baseball, run line picks work similarly to handicapping on the spread. The run line is set at a 1.5 for every contest. Regardless of type, handicapping on playoff games demand a fair amount of research and contemplation.

Picks on Over-Under

This is one of the most exciting types of wagers for baseball pickers. Not only it makes baseball watching more entertaining but also helps you make some money. Make sure you monitor the pitching matchup if you are into this type of handicapping. Also, do not place picks on games with teams and players that you are not familiar with.

Picks on Props 

If you want to place picks on things other than the final score and run differentials, prop picks make the right option. For example, some handicappers pick on whether the coin will be heads or tails. There is no doubt that prop handicapping is entertaining. However, it mostly depends on the luck factor and requires no skill.

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