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The baseball season offers a set of opportunities for earning an income for sports pickers. Being one of the favorite sports in the US, every baseball season will have a set of newbie sports pickers. However, baseball handicapping is different from other sports, especially football or basketball. You should choose a winner while placing wagers in baseball. If you are a beginner in baseball handicapping, here are a few tips from expert pickers to help you. Make sure you choose the right MLB handicapping site for placing wagers.

Focus on Areas That Matter in Baseball

When compared with football and basketball, baseball is largely focused on statistics. For example, you should focus more on the starting pitcher’s win or loss record than how they play with hitters on the ground. In the case of batters, you should focus on an on-base percentage rather than the batting average. To become a better baseball picker, focus on the right specifics of the game.

Follow The Weather Closely 

Most beginner pickers overlook the importance of weather while they place picks. The weather of the location should be a deciding factor while you decide the winner of the game. Though the weather may not directly impact every player on the ground, the position of the players could change with the weather. Once you start placing wagers after considering weather fluctuations, you improve your chance of winning the bet.

Don’t Picks Always On Your Favorites 

If you are looking forward to making wealth through baseball handicapping, you should not be placing wagers on your favorite team all the time. Any expert sports handicapping would say that the predictions should be based on research. If you keep on handicapping on your favorites, you may not make much value out of baseball handicapping.

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