4 Factors To Consider If You Are Handicapper on Baseball

If you are a sports enthusiast looking forward to earning an extra income, baseball handicapping offers the right opportunity. You will enjoy handicapping as well if you like to watch baseball. In fact, placing wagers will help you enjoy the game more as each catch, throw, and hit will open a chance of earning some money. No matter you are an experienced baseball picker or a newbie exploring baseball handicapping, we have listed out some handicapping advice to help you place winning wagers. Read on.

Follow Weather Closely 

One of the major factors that determine the fate of a baseball game is the weather. If you follow the weather closely, you can make better predictions about the baseball games. Though it doesn’t assure you a full chance of winning the bet, watching the weather can significantly help you place winning picks.

Understand The Team’s Schedule 

A unique thing about baseball handicapping is that the seasons are pretty lengthy. Since the games are long, there is a good chance that the team will wear down towards the end of the season. The takeaway is you need to follow the whole schedule of the game if you place picks on MLB games. It helps you understand the tired teams or jetlagged teams and make your prediction accordingly.

Know The Umpires 

Regardless of which game you are handicapping on, your chances of placing winning picks largely depend on how educated you are about the game. When it comes to baseball handicapping, you should learn about the umpires as well to make better predictions. You should do a bit of research about the umpire statistics and whether they follow a tight or light strike zone.

Know The Park Factors

Park factors refer to various effects that ballparks can have on teams. To increase your picks, you should be aware of the park factors. When you neglect the importance of park factors, you decrease the picks of winning. As a serious sports picker, you need to make use of different tools, proper research and expert handicapping advice before you place the bet.

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