4 Mistakes That Basketball Handicappers Make in the Beginning

basketball handicappers

Basketball handicapping is gaining popularity among sports enthusiasts. Though it is not as popular as NFL, there are a lot of new pickers ready to give it a try in the National Basketball League. Similar to handicapping on any other sport, placing picks on basketball should be based on proper research and statistical analysis. If you are someone who has got in basketball handicapping recently, this blog is for you. Here are the most common mistakes that beginner basketball handicappers stay unaware of.

Don’t Pick Like A Fan  

In the beginning stages, basketball handicappers often approach handicapping from a fan’s mindset. They feel more confident when they try to make predictions as a fan. Remember you will be using your heart than your head when you place picks as a fan. It can turn into a mistake and make sports handicapping less enjoyable.

Don’t Focus On Players Alone 

Another mistake that beginner pickers make is focusing on star players than the team as such. Rather than focusing on individuals, you should consider basketball as a team sport. When you focus on a star player, you are ignoring various factors that determine the fate of the game.

Don’t Place Live Picks Too Early 

There is no doubt that live handicapping is a more enjoyable form of sports handicapping. However, it is not wise to get into live handicapping if you are a beginner. It takes time to understand the dynamics of live handicapping and become a pro in it. It needs more skill and experience for placing winning live picks.

Don’t Focus On One Aspect of Handicapper

NBA handicapping is more complicated than any other sport. This often prevents beginner pickers from thinking out of the box. You can think of various aspects of basketball handicapping than simply settling with money line wagers.

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