5 Facts That You May Not Know About Sports Handicapper

Sports handicapping has been recognized as a favorite pastime for Americans now. Legal sports handicapping is possible in more than thirty states in the United States now. Around 18 states allow online sports wagering as well. With sports handicapping becoming legalized, more people are trying their luck in sports handicapping. Not just in America, sports handicapping is gaining popularity in other Asian and European countries as well. Let us take a quick look at some of the lesser-known facts about sports handicapping.

Football is First

Though legal sports handicapping is possible in different games and events, football remains to be the most popular game in handicapping. Not just professional football and National Football League, people love handicapping on college games as well.

Beginners Start With Basketball

Most beginner pickers start with basketball. People who are new to sports handicapping find it easier to pick on basketball. It is the second most popular handicapping game. The NBA season is easier to understand as the game has straightforward rules. The scoring system is not complicated. Basketball handicapping lets you understand how handicapping systems work as the rules are simple.

Newbie Handicappers Picks on Emotions 

Many beginners start handicapping without any research. In other words, a lot of newbie pickers pick with their hearts. You can take advantage of this as it can give you the edge. You can do proper research about the games and teams playing the match.

Live Handicappers Earn More

If you haven’t pick on the game before the start of the game, you can still pick on your favorite game using live handicapping. Further, you can negotiate with other pickers for picks and prop picks while the game progresses.

Fast-Growing Industry 

As an industry, sports handicapping is growing rapidly in recent years. Legal sports handicapping is no longer limited to physical sports only. It is getting expanded to other games like chess. Also, e-sports are gaining in popularity in the sports handicapping industry.

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