Top Handicapper Advice When You Picks on NFL Playoff Games

Once the NFL games are over, it is time for playoff games. It is a single-elimination tournament that takes place after the regular NFL season. Though the teams that played the regular season will play in the playoffs, your approach towards sports handicapping for the NFL playoffs should be different. Hence the right way is to leave the NFL handicapping hangover and have a fresh take on the playoffs. If you are new to football handicapping and planning to handicap for playoff games, here are a few tips to consider.

Do Not Overreact 

Professional handicappers often give the handicapping advice that you should consider every game the same. You should look for value and how to find an edge. You should be able to treat a playoff game like any other game.

Don’t Picks on All Games 

There are multiple playoff games from the Wild Card Round to the Super Bowl. You don’t need to pick on every game if you can’t find any value in the game. Always remember the best choice is to wait for the next game if you are doubtful. If you are not confident, stay patient enough not to pick on games.

Take Advantage of Special Pickss

Oddsmakers often roll out prop picks and special picks for the playoff games. If you do a bit of research about the special picks for playoff games, you can take advantage of it. There are multiple options in prop picks, and you can do your homework to find the sweet spot.

Be Aware of Recency Bias

While handicapping on playoff games, many pickers will be influenced by what happened in the final rounds of the regular season. Newbie pickers often focus on the recent performance of the teams. They make it a critical factor in their handicapping decisions. It may not be the right approach as the team looks at playoff games differently.

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