NFL Handicapper – 5 Expert Tips To Improve Your Winning Potential

Stay up to date with injuries and team news: Injuries can have a significant impact on the outcome of an NFL game, and it’s important to be aware of which players are expected to be out or limited. Additionally, staying informed about team news, such as changes in coaching staff or player trades, can also give you an edge in making informed predictions.

Consider The Matchup:

When making picks, it’s important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both teams. Look at how the teams match up against each other in terms of their offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as their overall team strategy.

Pay Attention To The Line:

The point spread, or line, for an NFL game is set by oddsmakers and indicates how many points one team is expected to win by. Paying attention to the line can give you an idea of how the public is leaning and can help you make more informed picks.

Don’t Overlook Special Teams:

Special teams, including kickers and punt returners, can often be overlooked when making picks, but they can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. Be sure to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both teams’ special teams units when making your picks.

Don’t Get Too Emotionally Invested:

It’s important to approach NFL handicapping objectively and not get too emotionally invested in a particular team or outcome. This can help you make more informed and unbiased picks.


NFL Handicapper – Check injury reports

Injury reports are a crucial resource for NFL handicappers as injuries can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. Most NFL teams are required to release an injury report on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during the regular season, listing the players who are injured and their status for the upcoming game.

Injury reports can be found on team websites and on various news and sports websites. It’s important to pay attention to the status of key players, as their absence can significantly impact the team’s performance. For example, the loss of a starting quarterback or top receiver can significantly weaken an offense, while the absence of a key defensive player can make it easier for the opposing team to score points.

In addition to the official injury report, it can also be helpful to keep an eye on news and updates from credible sources, such as beat writers and team insiders, as they may have additional information about the extent of a player’s injury and their likelihood of playing.

By staying up to date on injury reports, you can get a better sense of a team’s potential strength and weakness and make more informed picks.


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