The Oft-Repeated Handicapper Mistakes Sports Handicappers Make in Playoff Games

Mistakes are common in handicapping, no matter how experienced and informed you are about the game. No sports pickers can get it right all the time. However, top sports handicappers try their best not to repeat the mistakes often so that they improve the chance of winning the picks. Handicapper for the playoff season and the regular season is different. In the playoff season, good handicapping opportunities are limited. It is not wise to make small mistakes in playoff game handicapping. In this blog, we have listed out the oft-repeated mistakes of top sports handicappers during playoff games.

Pickss Based on Emotions  

Humans are intrinsically biased. It is quite a challenge to avoid emotions while placing picks. To improve your return on investment in sports handicapping, you should place picks based on emotions. Ideally, you should place picks based on logic and research. Never allow emotions to cloud your judgment. For staunch football fans, it is almost impossible to completely rule out emotions which often becomes a mistake.

Handicapper Too Early 

In a regular season, handicapping on favorite teams in advance make sense. That is one way how bookmakers make more money. However, handicapping too early can become a deadly mistake in the playoff season. Waiting until close to game time can be beneficial in playoff games. It is unlikely that you will find extra value by placing early picks.

Following The Hype 

Media extensively follow the NFL, be it regular season or playoffs. When the media coverage is huge, the hype of the game reaches its peak. Many times, the media tend to predict the winner even before the game is played. Falling for such hypes can be a huge mistake in playoffs. Do not fall into the trap of media hype.

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