Timelines For All Major Seasons That A Sports Handicapper Should Know

Many sports events are happening around the world at any given time of the year. For sports pickers, it is quite challenging to keep track of when each season of various sports starts and stops. When sports handicapper knows when their favorite handicapping season starts, they can be prepared to place winning picks. For pickers who want to place sports picks around the year, they don’t have to disappoint. Here is a quick look at when all major sports seasons start and stop.

National Football League (NFL) 

The NFL season is the much-awaited sports event in the US. It generally starts in early September soon after Labor Day. There are around 256 games that would be played in a period of seventeen weeks. The final game of the season would be played during the last weekend of December. Sometimes it can be extended into January as well. The play-off tournament begins next week and ends in the first week of February.

National Basketball Association 

For basketball pickers, NBA season is quite important. A regular season of NBA starts in mid-October and it continues for the next six months. It is one of the longest sports events for a picker. Each team plays around 82 games during a season. The play-off season often starts during the mid of April and continues till mid-June. Sometimes the season may get extended due to competitiveness.

National Hockey League 

The NHL season is divided into two – regular season and the Stanley Cup playoffs. The regular season happens from early October and ends around early April. There are around 82 games during a season. The Stanley Cup is played among the three highest-placed teams in each category and two wild card teams.

Major League Baseball 

MLB season generally begins in late March or early April. Each MLB season ends around the end of September. There are around 162 games which include home and away games. And the post-season playoffs will start soon after the regular season.

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