10 Top NFL Handicappers of 2021: A Comprehensive Sports Handicappers Review [And Rating]

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2021 has been a great year for sports handicappers, especially the ones running NFL books. However, with sporting events getting back to normal, there’s a ton of competition among seasoned pickers.

This made us wonder, who are the top NFL handicappers currently beating the point spread in pro football?

The NFL is a massive and growing sports picking avenue, with 45.2 million Americans projected to wager in the 2021 season, a 36% increase over last season. Some of the top handicappers make profit hauls that are the stuff of records.

However, we wanted to see who was the best at it this year, and give a comprehensive review (and rating) of the top football handicappers of 2021. 

Let’s get started.

Our Top 10 NFL Handicappers For 2021

Each NFL season brings some past favorites as well as new faces to the picking front. This year was no different. 

Here are the top money earners in the 2021 NFL picking circuit. 

*We used flat $100 picks for each of the picks to determine the profit numbers.

1. The Best Picks on Sports

Profit: $12,250

ROI: +16.3%

Win Percentage: 61.7%

Win/Loss Ratio: 29-18

The Best Picks on Sports has had a hot 2021 NFL streak. They are an experienced sports handicapper with a distinct advantage over the competition when it comes to understanding how NFL picking strategy works.

This comes from their ability to create systems and a positive formula through statistical analysis.

The Best Picks on Sports has a distinct eye for patterns and recognizing which players and teams have the optimum body language for the game. This, plus their experience, contributes to their success as a handicapper.

With 16 years as a sports handicapper without a losing season, it’s easy to see why The Best Picks on Sports can be trusted with NFL picks. Their history of winning picks and their trusted, complex system place The Best Picks on Sports firmly as the number-one sports handicapper on this list.

2. Jimmy Boyd

Profit: $997

ROI: +15.6%

Win Percentage: 60.7%

Win/Loss Ratio: 34-22

Jimmy Boyd has had a stellar season so far, generating a high win percentage and overall earnings. 

With almost two decades of experience helping pickers make big money, Jimmy has a record that can only be matched by his win percentage and total returns on investment that he’s racked up over the years. 

Although he works mostly with college football, he’s more than qualified as a veteran NFL handicapper. In fact, he’s one of the top sports handicappers of the past five years with a comfortable 34 wins over just 22 losses. 

Closely analyzing situations and matchups, Jimmy offers his daily detailed picks and a comprehensive report on what led him to make those picks. Whether you’re looking for NFL, NBA, or MLB, you can find his picks all year round. 

Overall, putting your money on Jimmy Boyd is a safe bet, so to speak. He has the experience and knack for making winning choices to back up the hype. 

3. Alex Smart

Profit: $876

ROI: +15.1%

Win Percentage: 60.9%

Win/Loss Ratio: 32-20

Alex Smart also came out as someone who knows how the game is played, with great average picks at -110 and a fantastic win/loss record. 

With over three decades of picking experience, Alex is one of the most experienced guys in the handicapping hall of fame. What’s great about him is that he’s still going strong enough to make it on this list. 

As one of the top sports handicappers, Alex Smart has earned several World Handicapping Championships. After publicly documenting his past 22 years, Alex is in the top 10 basketball and football finishes on top picking sites. 

Although he makes picks on horse racing as well, Alex’s NFL win percentage rivals that of our number one pick. Plus, his ROI is well within shot of the top spot.

All of the above makes him the ideal picking help and definitely one of the best sports handicappers.

4. Scott Rickenbach

Profit: $330

ROI: +5.5%

Win Percentage: 54.5%

Win/Loss Ratio: 30-25

Scott Rickenbach is no stranger to the picking game, seeing as he emerged as one of the top overall money earners of all time with the NFL.

He’s also proven to be a top sports handicapper with over $100k in profits since 2012. This alone makes him worthy of a place on this list.

After handicapping professionally for the past 15 years, Scott is in his prime. Nicknamed “The Bulldog” Rickenbach, and once a certified public accountant, Scott consistently tries to find the best “bang for your buck” by using his sharp line analysis.

Although Scott has admittedly had better seasons as a handicapper, this one is nonetheless a great one in terms of numbers. You’d be hard put to find people with better winning consistency than Scott, especially when you factor in his two decades of picking experience.

Overall, Scott Rickenbach is a household name in the realm of sports handicappers and we don’t see this changing anytime soon. 

5. Matt Fargo

Profit: $974

ROI: +20.9%

Win Percentage: 62.8%

Win/Loss Ratio: 27-16

Matt Fargo has been extremely successful this year as an NFL handicapper. In fact, he has one of the best win percentages of any handicapper at an awesome 62.8%.

This is mostly due to his consistency and the fact that he has been handicapping since his college years. This level of experience, not to mention his great observational skills, is the reason for the win percentage. 

The recent season has seen his win/loss percentage drop a couple points from where it usually is, but that’s not to say it won’t pick back up like it usually does.

Matt, often referred to as “Mr. Analysis” is considered a situational handicapper. What separates Matt from the rest of the pack is his loyalty to research no matter the size of his card.

Matt’s handicapping titles spanning across several major sports prove that he’s always at the top of his game as a handicapper. Additionally, his informal title of “Mr. Analysis” further emphasizes how well he can recognize patterns and glean winning strategies from them.

6. Stephen Nover

Profit: $727

ROI: +10%

Win Percentage: 57.6% 

Win/Loss Ratio: 38-28

Stephen Nover is another brilliant sports handicapper and analyst who’s the current owner and CEO of a sports picking company.

He is also the author of two sports handicappers books, “Las Vegas Sports Beat” and “Sports Gaming Beat.” Additionally, Stephen co-hosted the sports handicappers show “The Stardust Line” from 1991 to 1996.

His 21 years in the game have made him a great guesser when it comes to NFL plays. He is yet to have a losing season, which adds to his credibility as a picking expert and sports investor. Stephen is also an expert in fantasy football where he has won multiple championships.

Stephen currently has a win/loss ratio that’s on the more balanced side compared to some of the other people on this list, but this doesn’t mean he can’t turn that around immediately.

This ace handicapper has it all, namely the intelligence, shrewd guessing ability, and thorough knowledge of the game.

7. ‘Big’ Al McMordie

Profit: $675

ROI: +9.5%

Win Percentage: 57.8%

Win/Loss Ratio: 37-27

“Big” Al McMordie is probably the best known and most respected handicapping veteran in the country, with an impressive streak of winning picks. Gambling since his teens, Al McMordie became a professional handicapper in 1995 after founding Big Al’s Sports Picks.

In fact, he’s won 45 handicapping championships and garnered huge success as a technical sports handicapper. He brings a combination of 29 years of experience and smart picking strategy to the table, both of which are qualities that supersede many of his peers.

His nine-season NFL win streak has him at the top of the handicapping choice pool. And although his recent performance has been a few points below his best, he’s still honored above many others when it comes to achievements.

He’s one handicapper who can’t be discounted in any top sports handicappers list. 

8. Rocky Atkinson

Profit: $456

ROI: +24.5%

Win Percentage: 68.4%

Win/Loss Ratio: 11-6

Rocky Atkinson is one of the newer handicappers on this list, but he has been picking since 1996. In his 23 years of gamlbing, Rocky has won 20 in all sports combined.

“The Rocketman” has an impressive NBA and MLB streak that crosses over to NFL picks as well, and he’s currently on an impressive run based on the last 640 picks. Plus, he has made investors over $70,000 since December 2018, which is massive for any handicapper.

What sets Rocky apart from the rest is his win/loss percentage, which consistently remains on the higher end. It’s the highest on this list too, not the least due to his clever picking management skills.

His unprecedented knowledge of the NFL, college basketball, and the NBA make him a compelling top sports handicapper. Rocky works well with long-term clients who intend to stick with the game and make consistent wins throughout.

9. Marc Lawrence

Profit: $424

ROI: +12.6%

Win Percentage: 58.1%

Win/Loss Ratio: 18-13

When it comes to longevity and experience, there are very few people who have it as good as Marc Lawrence. Considered a “technical” handicapper, Marc leans increasingly on his sports database, which he calls his “well-oiled machine.”

A 45-year veteran of sports picking, Marc easily has more experience than anyone on this list. And that definitely helps him make great picks for whichever sport he’s picking in.

Marc has won more documented handicapper achievement awards than any other handicapper in the county. 

His average picks are almost the same as the top guys on this list, and although his 58% win percentage has taken a slight dip, he remains consistent with his solid picks. In addition to that, his 500+ Top 10 Handicapping Achievements awards are further proof of his strategic skill.

Overall, Marc is a force to be reckoned with in the Vegas picking scene, with both his proprietary database and extensive experience to back his picks. 

10. Steve Janus

Profit: $290

ROI: +9.5%

Win Percentage: 57.7%

Win/Loss Ratio: 15-11

Steve Janus is a highly selective and successful handicapper with a portfolio that mostly consists of top NBA picks.

That’s not to say his NFL numbers are any less impressive, since he’s been one of the top 20 handicappers three times for his many award-winning selections in all major sports.

Plus, his selective nature guarantees that he goes for quality over volume. Steve’s ability to make good decisions comes from his ability to decipher what information comes from a good source and what might come from a bad one.

Steve has a ton of experience in NFL picking, and with $1,000 players. The latter is what he specializes in, with his current $1k players up $12k at the moment.

Regardless of the lower overall profit number, Steve is riding the hot band and looks to up that number again. Steve has everything you want from a top sports handicapper — a proper way to analyze information and expert picks that increase profits.

How To Win Like The Top Sports Handicappers With The Best Picks On Sports

It’s no secret that you have to know the game and read trends like an expert to win big by picking.

It’s even more true for the NFL, which is one of the top three sports in the world for overall picking numbers. When you have that much competition for the big money, you need to make smart picks to win anything at all, let alone the top prizes.

Luckily, you have the tried and tested team of experts at The Best Picks on Sports to help you pick winners. Using their 16 years of successful picking experience, the experts at The Best Picks know how best to serve beginners, high-rollers, and everyone in between. 

Whether you’re making your very first bet, or you’re looking to expand your picking portfolio or just make more intelligent picks, The Best Picks can help you have better picks in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Choose your package today and start picking better.

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