5 Biggest NBA Handicapper Success Stories

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The NBA is one of the biggest sporting avenues in the country, from both a viewership and picking standpoint. On the picking front, we have seen some tremendous NBA handicapper success stories come up.

To inspire you and shed some light on successful NBA picking techniques, we have compiled the five biggest basketball handicapper success stories of all time.

Let’s jump right in.

1. The Best Picks on Sports

The Best Picks on Sports has a unique advantage over most basketball handicappers. Their proven system leverages in-depth formulas based on statistical data.

They not only can make winning picks in the NBA, but they can also produce winners in college basketball. The Best Picks on Sports has achieved sustained success over the years. In their 16 years of handicapping professional sports, they have never had a losing season.

The Numbers

From systems to winners, The Best Picks on Sports has an incredible record. In the 2021-22 NBA season they’ve gone 28-15. And if that isn’t impressive enough, their consistency in college basketball is unmatched, with a 67% winners lifetime.

They’re able to do this by closely analyzing data and recognizing the value in underdogs.

The Best Picks on Sports not only hits it big in the handicappers, but they also produce huge numbers on social media. With almost 500k followers and over 51 million likes on TikTok, The Best Picks on Sports reaches the masses with their distinct sports takes.

They are also doing serious numbers on YouTube with close to 30k subscribers, racking up over 52 million viewers who tune in for their picking tips, analysis, and predictions.

What Makes Them Great 

The Best Picks on Sports has been in the sports handicapping business for over 16 years. They carry an unheard-of 67% lifetime win percentage in college basketball lifetime.

Their NBA numbers aren’t too far off, either. To start the new season, they’re steadily winning 65% of their games.

The Best Picks on Sports is positive $115,800 in the last 12 months and averages $10,000 in monthly profit. They aren’t just a great basketball handicapper, but they also have winning records in baseball and football.

Their high winning percentages are reason alone to rank them number one at the top of our list. 

2. Jack Jones

Jack Jones is currently the second-ranked NBA handicapper in the world with some truly impressive numbers backing him up.

Starting off as a special consultant and a private picker, he is now a documented handicapper as well. He is currently the number-four ranked handicapper of all time with an impressive picking career that spans well over a decade.

He started his handicapping career making expert picks for private high-rollers. Once he gained enough experience, he became a fully-fledged consultant with some of the biggest clients in the industry. Since going public in 2010, Jack has maintained an exceptional amount of success. 

The Numbers

Out of all the entries on this list, Jack Jones has by far the biggest sheer numbers in the NBA handicapping world. 

He has an all-time high earning number at $15,681, which is unheard of in NBA handicapping. Plus, the difference between his earnings and the ones of our number-two pick is a significant $5k.

Jack is currently riding a 2411-2087 run L1530 days, which has won his premium players a lot of money.

On top of that, Jack has been handicapping with basketball since 2009, which is longer than any of the people on this list. His 53% win rate and the $145,070 that his $1k/game players have managed to bag rounds this off nicely.

What Makes Him Great

Jack has managed to consistently crush the books with his stellar predictions and picking IQ. This definitely contributed to his impressive 51-month win streak that is filled with both daring picks and complex plays. Jack has also finished in the top six of all basketball handicappers in four of the previous five years. 

You won’t hear many people question Jack’s ability to pick the winner. His successful past in all sports makes him a great sports handicapper.

The fact is, complex plays are his thing and he would not have the streak he has now if he played it safe all the time. Consistent winning is what makes Jack Jones the current leader in NBA handicappers.

3. Stephen Nover

Stephen Nover is a close contender for the top spot due to a combination of successful predictions, selective game involvement, and a ton of experience picking in the NBA.

Stephen started picking on the NBA in 2011 and since then has enjoyed a series of smart picks and well-tracked picking decisions. His win percentage is the second-highest on this list, losing out the top spot only because of a much bigger number of NBA games betted on.

Other than a successful career as a basketball handicapper, Stephen is also a sports writer, talk show host, and analyst. As a co-host on the sports handicappers show “The Stardust Line” and author of two sports handicappers books, “Sports handicappers Beat” and “Las Vegas Sports Beat,” Stephen has publicized his philosophy and his system.

This lets him bring his tremendous insight about basketball to both picking and non-picking folks. While the NBA isn’t his strong suit — that distinction goes to the NFL — when he is hot in the sport he is unstoppable.

The Numbers

Although Stephen has probably the most overall earnings, his impressive basketball handicapper streaks are what make him a household name among basketball handicappers.

He has $10,174 in total earnings, which is second only to Jack Jones. However, where he trumps is in the total number of losses (only 971), which is the lowest on this list. This low number is due to a combination of selective handicapping plus huge insight into the sport. 

Stephen’s 1,165 wins is roughly average for the top basketball handicappers of a similar career length. Despite this, it’s still a respectable ratio, especially when you factor in the total profit generated.

In addition to the above, he brings the experience of a 15-year NFL winning streak to his NBA picks. Those are the credentials enough for an excellent handicapper.

What Makes Him Great

Stephen Nover is a multi-award winning sports writer and has 13 years at the Las Vegas Review journal under his belt. Stephen also is the current CEO and owner of a sports picking company. On top of that, Stephen has taught a formal course on handicapping at the University of Nevada. 

What sets him apart from the rest is his insight into plays and players from both a sports investment point of view as well as a dedicated fan perspective. He has decided and proven expertise in tracking team performance over long periods. 

Stephen presently has a win/loss ratio that’s on the more level side compared to some of the other handicappers in the industry. His ability to pick not just the NBA but also the WNBA and college basketball makes him a trustworthy basketball handicapper.

4. Dave Price

Dave Price has almost a decade of experience with NBA handicapping, and it shows in terms of his earnings. Since the end of 2019, Dave has an NBA record of 113-92. In 2012, he was ranked the number-one overall sports handicapper and was close again in 2020, finishing second right behind Stephen Nover.

Dave’s win streak is right up there with the best basketball handicappers in the world, even exceeding Stephen Nover, which is an achievement in itself. This is on top of being the number-two handicapper overall in 2020.

His money management skills allow him to optimize the investments of his clients and advise them on the best picking strategy. He follows injury reports, statistical data, and matchups to cover all angles when deciding his picks. 

The Numbers

Dave Price’s 53.5% win average closely rivals that of our top pick for this list, despite the fact that he’s been handicapping in the NBA for fewer years. Over the long term he has trended to an incredible record of 714-571 as a basketball handicapper. This has resulted in Dave being the number-two overall sports handicapper in 2020.

Dave’s total profit stands at $7,393, with 1,181 wins to his credit. His 1,031 losses are on the higher end for someone with a similar number of wins but his win/loss ratio is still solid. 

In his first year (2012), he generated $26,443 more than the next closest handicapper, finishing the year with a number-one spot among NBA handicappers. This is a giant margin for someone with relatively less experience.

What Makes Him Great

There may be handicappers with higher winning numbers, but there’s no doubt that Dave Price’s consistent winning streak is one of the best out there. He also completed 2012 as the number-one ranked sports handicapper, finding his success in the NBA and MLB.

He’s known for studying the ongoing games from multiple angles, viewing each aspect of the game to make better decisions. This is why he’s consistently ranked among the top three handicappers across all three major sports. 

He’s definitely the man for an intelligent, data-backed approach to picking. Dave has the ability to stay at the top as one of the best basketball handicappers over a long period of time because he relies on his detailed analysis.

5. Alex Smart

Alex Smart is one of the newer NBA handicappers in the business, playing the basketball picks only since 2014. However, what he lacks in overall experience he more than makes up for in sheer handicapping skill.

His money management skills is how Alex got on this list. Alex believes that sports picking is an investment. He believes picking on sports is better than picking on the stock market. To be a successful and profitable sports picker, Alex believes you must always have a long-term goal.

Ever since he became a publicly documented handicapper some 22 years ago, he has had a track record of selective picks and consistent wins. However, it’s his overall picking experience of 30+ years that really proves his successful longevity.

After getting his start in professional handicappers via horse racing, Alex has seen great success in the NBA and the NFL. This resulted in him having numerous top 10 finishes in basketball.

Alex has won several World Handicapping Championships and earned other sports investment accolades from all sorts of picking-related groups.

The Numbers

Despite not being as experienced as some of his peers in NBA handicapping, Alex Smart’s win percentage is slightly higher than his predecessor’s at 1,291 wins. His combined NBA and college basketball four time top 10 finishes make him an even more impressive basketball handicapper.

Alex has made a grand total of $6,949 via NBA handicapping, although his earnings from other sports add up to a far greater number. Plus, he has 1,130 losses for a 53.3% win percentage. From 20-21, Alex was number two in NBA total leaders with a +3,211.

These are great numbers once you add the recent picking uncertainty. Alex’s high-action system makes him a ROI guru and a strong basketball handicapper.

What Makes Him Great

Alex Smart has two things in his favor when it comes to successful picking. Number one is his knack for making the right prediction, and number two is a ton of trend-watching behind each decision.

Leaving no stone unturned, Alex relies on his “Smart Money Approach” to handicapping. His large database of statistics and information isn’t the only thing he takes into account. Alex also accounts for line movement, historical trends, and injuries.

He also believes that randomness will occur no matter how much we look at patterns and try to anticipate player behavior. He compounds this by pointing to his own 30-year track record of consistent wins and championships but the occasional losses too.

In his opinion, the only solution is to be well-versed and well-researched about every single aspect of the game, as well as what could change outcomes. Alex always strives to have a high-level understanding of whatever is going on in the sport he’s handicapping in.

Biggest Handicappers For The 2021-22 Season

Because 2021 has been such a significant year for professional sports, with people slowly returning to stadiums, we thought we should make a list of the best NBA handicappers as well for the 2021-22 season.

1. Jimmy Boyd

With a season total of $1,070 at a +22.2% ROI, Jimmy Boyd sits comfortably at the top of the season’s list of the biggest handicappers.

His 63.6% win percentage, coupled with a win/loss ratio of 28-16, all contribute to such a high position. Jimmy’s aggressive heavy hitter philosophy helps him analyze and cover games he picks more routinely. 

He hopes to finish the year strong with both a higher win percentage and overall earnings. Most people consider Jimmy a Vegas insider, and he has an allegiance to the no-brainer picks and quality game selections.

Jimmy’s more than two decades of sports handicapping experience makes him a viable basketball picker. There simply aren’t many NBA handicappers that can compete with Jimmy’s long-term success.

2. Tim Michael

A $833 total with a +27.3% ROI are typical numbers for Tim Michael, who has a long-standing tradition of great picks. This year’s 66.7% win percentage at a win/loss ratio of 18-9 continues that tradition. Beginning the 2021-22 season with a 21-13 streak, Tim pursues what he calls a “quest for value.” 

Tim also believes in the term “sports picking value.” Sports value picking is where you study the risk of a bet. This means that a majority of his underdog picks will be money lines, and he stays away from large favorites. This system has Tim looking to stay at his current spot or go higher before the end of the year, maybe even to the top spot for the 2021-22 season.

3. Rocky Atkinson

This one is no surprise, since Rocky Atkinson regularly makes such lists. This time, the former 2004 number-one overall handicapper has a positive $669 at +40.8% ROI that has taken him to the top three spots for the year.

Rocky has a 73.3% win percentage at a win ratio of 11-4. He also earned an incredible record of 11 straight winning years in the NBA regular season. His ability to understand statistics and trends has led him to win 12 of his last 14 years.

His consistency in making such great picks for himself and his clients looks to have him wrap the year with career-high earnings. Rocky “Rocketman” Atkinson has had winning seasons in 20 out of 23 years of handicappers across all sports.

Rocky’s unparalleled knowledge of the NBA makes him one of the top basketball handicappers. 

4. Doc’s Sports

Doc’s Sports is perceived in the sports picking industry as one of the more trustworthy and reliable basketball handicappers.

Doc’s Sports has been an institution in the handicapping game since 1971. The service has garnered total earnings of $663 at +8.2% ROI. Their win percentage sits slightly lower than some of the higher-earning handicappers, at 56%. 

However, the year is not over and they look to add to the win side of their 42-33 win/loss percentage. If there’s one handicapping service that’s capable of that, it’s Doc’s Sports.

At Doc’s Sports, their basketball handicappers recognize that the NBA gives a lot of opportunity to bet, night in and night out. This gives them a better chance to be more selective and find better value in their picks. Doc’s believes that with hard work, discipline, and money management, picking in the NBA can be fun and, more importantly, profitable.

5. Joseph D’Amico

Joe D’Amico is a repeated NBA Handicapping Champion. Spanning over the last 17 years, Joe has enjoyed a dozen top finishes and many world titles.

He may be last on our 2021-22 NBA best handicappers list, but Joseph’s $637 at +22.5% ROI is no joke. Plus, his 64% win percentage and 16-9 win/loss ratio speak for themselves.

Joseph owns and operates Las Vegas’ All American Sports. Joseph has been voted by the people of Las Vegas as one of Las Vegas’ Top-100 Most Influential People and number-one in sports handicappers by My Vegas Magazine.

“Mr. D” takes pride in his record and often states, “This is what I do, this is who I am.” Joseph is hoping to improve on the total earnings from before the end of the year to start next year off strong.

Working With A Top NBA Handicapper For Picks Success

If you’re looking to become your own picking success story but don’t know how best to approach the game, look no further. Trusting an expert to know the game and to read and understand the trends can lead you to win big picks. 

The experts team at The Best Picks on Sports will help you make the right picks at the right time for both long and short-term picking success. When you have that much competition for the big money, you need to make smart picks to win anything at all, let alone the top prizes.

If you’re looking to picks on the NFL, NBA, or even the MLB, The Best Picks on Sports can advise you on making better picks. Whether you’re new to picking or you’re a seasoned vet, the experts at The Best Picks on Sports have displayed over 16 winning years of valuable picking advice.

Choose your package today and start picking better.

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